Deep State / New World Order Runs Deep

Deep State / New World Order Runs Deep by Rory – The Daily Coin

Most people believe the idea of a “deep state”, “shadow government” or “New World Order” is nothing more than the fantasy of basement dwelling conspiracy theorist. The first thing that must be understood is the phrase “conspiracy theory” was developed by the CIA and this well documented fact can be read about by clicking this link. The phrase was introduced via another CIA program that was launched in the mid 1950’s called Operation Mockingbird and you can read about that CIA program by clicking this link. The CIA, also known as the 4th branch of government, has been slowly, steadily taking over our nation and doing the bidding of their masters for the past 7-8 decades in order to transform our nation into what I call an open-air prison.

This brings us to the long string of Presidents of the United States, going back to Nixon, along with other global, national leaders and several top ranking U.S. government officials all using the phrase “new world order” or “world order”. Why? If there is nothing to this idea of a global governance what is this “new world order” these national leaders and high ranking government officials speaking about? Please let me know as it sounds really important to me and my family.

Over the past year the propaganda pushers on western corporate TV and radio media have been been using a new phrase, “dog whistle” to say that President Trump uses this phrases to signal “his base” to act or react in a certain way depending on the phrase the President used. I would say all the government officials in the video below are absolutely using a “dog whistle” to signal to someone to flip a switch, turn a knob or push a button to make something happen or something change. Why else would this phrase be used by these people at the time it was used? Once agains, what is the purpose of this phrase and what does it mean? It obviously carries some weight, otherwise, these leaders and high ranking officials would not use it – period.

If we review some of what President Trump has drawn the most criticisms we will see what he has attacked are globalist ideas or agendas. The most obvious is the open border along the U.S. southern border. Another was pulling out of the Paris Accord, climate change agreement, rewriting NAFTA and still another was dismantling Obamacare. This is to say nothing of the trade war with China, a communist, globalist nation.

All of these are globalist initiatives and not one them benefit the American people – not one. Each of these issues benefit a handful of people at the very top of the economic food chain and no one else.

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