Hunting The Hunters: Inside The Minds of Elite Corrupt

Hunting The Hunters: Inside The Minds of Elite Corrupt by Corey Lynn – Corey’s Digs

There are many kinds of hunters, but they all operate from similar playbooks, and once you recognize the “elites” corrupt strategy, symbolism, and what they are ultimately after, the game can be turned…and you become the hunter. The following will break down how to track the NESTS and WEBSThese are two very different things, but the games they play are similar in nature, so the research strategy just shifts a bit to a larger scale. All of this can be done through open source research without any access to paid databases or boots on the ground, though if one has access to those, your search would be significantly sped up and you may garner additional information.


Hunting NESTS

child trafficking and abduction, child abuse, CPS, foster care, kidnapping

Nests are localized fronts that portray themselves as saviors of children. It is a group of people working together to build a nest in their local community that has all the makings of a child trafficking front. These are well designed with a system in place, and are more than likely using the children for more than pedophilia, such as running various tests, mind control, possibly DNA altering, and other nefarious things.

They always have people on the inside, such as through the local courts, social workers, law enforcement, and child protective services. They generally have connections with churches as well, and oftentimes are directly linked to domestic abuse shelters and homeless shelters. There is almost always a connection with a dentist. One can only speculate as to why, but potential possibilities may be access to anesthesia to put someone under, perform dental work and establish medical records with a new identity and add them into the medical database, extracting DNA, or inserting a small tracking device. The medical database can be used for a multitude of reasons, organ harvesting being just one of them.

There are many people that make up the nest. Generally there is someone or multiple people fostering children. Sometimes there will be local charities of some kind that assist with children, but not always because that can draw too much attention for these types of nests. Instead, there may be homeless shelters and/or domestic violence shelters, making the prey easily available to the hunters. A psychologist or some form of therapist is always necessary in this case. And make no mistake, there are almost always family members involved, whether it be husband and wife, parents and children, or siblings.

A doctor, attorney, local politicians, and teachers also play their roles in these nests. They have to have someone who is very computer savvy to monitor, surveil, and cover all fronts of false narratives, while having access to plenty of databases. If it’s a big nest, you can count on some high ranking individuals with surveillance backgrounds.

In order for the nest to function under the radar while out in the open, they need people from most of these fields to have protection from all angles. Oddly enough, oftentimes these churches, dental offices, shelters, and other connections, are setup in strip malls. Another oddity is that many times there is a storage facility directly connected to these strip malls or very nearby. One can only speculate on what these might be used for.

When you come across someone you are suspicious of being a hunter, dig into their family and friends, place of work, where they live, and what’s nearby. Search all social media sites for quick hits. Always go back in time to try to find when these people first met because oftentimes you will find bigger connections you may have missed. If red flags are going up, start creating a map, zoom in on nearby locations and start investigating those. Look into the local NGOs, politicians, churches, people, and so on. Creating a map creates a visual that allows you to see from a birds eye view. It’s amazing what you can find from this perspective. It’s also important to create a timeline as you go, because inevitably you will come across a date that stands out, and when you cross reference it to other events you were researching, you will find the connection.

It’s important to note that many of these places, such as shelters and NGOs, have Board Members, and you will find that their Board Members and Directors often operate as Board Members of each other’s organizations. That’s when you know you are on the right path. Once you make this connection, look into their 990s (if available), and seek out the CEO, trustee, other board members that may have not been listed on their website, and of course study the money flowing in and out. If you have a Pacer account, you can dig into their past court records and see what pops.

To Recap

The bigger nests have a very strategic system in place. They typically have a skilled IT person, doctor, dentist, psychologist, court connections, law enforcement, foster and/or social workers, foster care families, domestic violence and/or homeless shelters, churches, and family members make up these nests. All of this research can be open sourced investigations, as there are plenty of resources available right at your fingertips.

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