House Democrats Plan Big Gun Control Push In 2019

House Democrats Plan Big Gun Control Push In 2019 by: Off The Grid News

Democrats are planning a big gun control push in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2019. Specifically, the big gun control push includes universal background checks for all firearms sales nationwide.

The big gun control push will begin with a universal background check plan, U.S. Representative Mike Thompson (D-California) tells Politico. Notably, Thompson is the leader of the Democrats’ House Gun Violence Prevention Taskforce.

“It will be strong legislation to expand background checks,” Thompson promises. “I think you will see it happen in the first 100 days.”

Democrats’ Big Gun Control Push Includes Mandatory Background Checks Nationwide

In detail, the big gun control push will require background checks on all private and retail firearms sales.

Consequently, you will need to undergo a background check to buy a gun from a friend or relative. However, there could be exemptions to the background check requirement for family members. There could also be a temporary exemption for guns that people use for hunting.

Regardless, Democrats plan to move fast on the background check legislation. In fact, Thompson’s legislation could reach the House Judiciary Committee by February, U.S. Representative Jerry Nadler (D-New York) speculates. Moreover, Nadler expects the house to vote on background checks in Spring 2019.

Democrats Know Their Big Gun Control Push Will Fail

Strangely, the Democrats know that the big control push will fail but don’t care. Instead, Democratic leaders believe they can attract votes by being tough on guns.

To elaborate further, gun control legislation has to pass the U.S. Senate to become law. Nevertheless, Republicans have a comfortable 55-seat majority in the Senate. As a result, Republicans can easily kill the big gun control push in the Senate.

Additionally, President Trump has the power to veto gun control legislation. So, the Democrats’ big gun control push will die once it leaves the Senate.

Democrats Seek Votes With Big Gun Control Push

Democrats are planning a big gun control push because attacking firearms attracts votes.

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