2018: When the War On “Beckys” Got Serious

2018: When the War On “Beckys” Got Serious by Nicholas Stix – UNZ Review

TDC Note – This is almost beyond belief.

The murderous race war against whites that VDARE.com has covered for its 19 years has entered a new and in some ways more chilling and potentially dangerous phase. I believe the time has come for victims to consider legal action.

Actual anti-white attacks, say, with a sucker punch to the side of the head from a black thug playing the knockout game—or, even worse, suffering a visit from the Carr Brothers—are bad enough.

But now the Cultural Marxist Left and its Main Stream Media spear carriers want to punish and even criminalize whites who even try to stop such crimes by calling 911.

The new way to strike fear into the hearts of the white man or woman who calls 911: dox and destroy any white who reports blacks “doing “everyday activities.” The premise: those whites are racist, and must be publicly humiliated, and where possible, personally, professionally and financially destroyed.

Doxxing might just be the half of it. LaTanya Garrett, right, a black state legislator in Michigan has called for laws criminalizing whites who call the police on blacks. [New Michigan bill would stop 911 calls for breathing while black by Rochelle Riley, Detroit Free Press, September 7, 2018]

The focus is on white women, known by the racial slur Beckys, when they call 911. Typically, they are alarmed by blacks who refuse to obey laws or rules everyone else must follow. Then the MSM vigilantes say they’re only “doing everyday activities.” Someone films the encounter, which might involve police, then the MSM and/or racial activists dox the women and try to ruin them.

One of the worst cases this year: the Philadelphia Starbucks Hoax. [Smearing the Smearers, by David Cole, Taki’s, April 24, 2018]

Two black men sat down in the coffee emporium without ordering. They obviously wanted to be arrested, and waited and waited for a white employee to tell them they had to order something. But the employees studiously ignored them. Then the men asked a counter clerk for the key to use the bathroom, which is for paying customers only.

Following her training, the white woman manager asked the men to either order or leave. The men refused. Again following her training, the manager called police. They asked the men several times to leave, and again, they refused. The cops, following their training, arrested them.

Antiwhite activist Melissa DePino was in the Starbucks. She video-recorded and spread the hoax through social media.

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