Trying to Escape From Satan, Man on Truck Rams School Bus Full of Kids

Trying to Escape From Satan, Man on Truck Rams School Bus Full of Kids from Sputnik News

The man is now facing numerous first and third degrees felonies over his actions, while being “high”. Fortunately for him, no one was gravely injured.

A 40-year-old man from Spanish Fork, Utah, Brant Jay Diediker, twice rammed a school bus full of students in the rear with his truck as he was, in his words, getting away “from Satan who was chasing him” Deseret News reported. After that the man rushed out of his vehicle and tried to get himself another one by breaking into one of two cars, he found nearby.

After several futile attempts the man jumped into a truck and forced the driver to take him to Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple, where he was later found by the police. The latter found Diediker in a highly anxious state, speaking rapidly and as it turned out the reason for that was the “dab” that he smoked earlier same day. The police later found the “dab”, which turned out to be a highly concentrated dose of cannabis.

Diediker now faces charges, which include four first degrees felonies and 12 third-degree felonies plus several misdemeanours. It’s so far unclear how severe the punishment in his case could be.

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