THIS Is What ENDED Lost Ancient Civilizations! (Video)

THIS Is What ENDED Lost Ancient Civilizations! Video World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson reports on a massive new development crucial to putting together the puzzle pieces of the lost ancient civilizations theorized for so many years.

This latest news brings together Atlantis, the Genesis Flood, the water erosion on the Sphinx and the extinction event in North America around 11,700 BC.

An enormous crater has recently been confirmed in Greenland/Denmark which weighed around 11 billion tons, crashing into the Earth at the rate of 23 miles a second bringing the Younger Dryas Period to an abrupt end. This major event lead to waters rising throughout the world, fires burning on 10% of Earth’s surface over 1,000 years and the near extinction of human beings.

For many years, mainstream archeologists, Egyptologists and academic scientists in general have regurgitated the same old talking points about ancient civilizations based on whatever information benefited their narrative while ignoring anything that countered their views. They blacklisted anyone who questioned the official narrative and called them crazy.

Dr. Robert Schoch, a geologist attempted to debunk skeptics of the officially accepted history of Egypt for example, but ended up finding some of the most notable, clear evidence that the Sphinx is much older than is claimed. With water erosion around its enclosure and evidence that the Dynastic Egyptians actually discovered the already built Sphinx as the Inventory Stela alludes to, Schoch went down a rabbit hole that helped bring more concrete evidence to the work of Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, John Anthony West, Randall Carlson and Brien Foerster.

The evidence that an ancient civilization lived thousands of years before the accepted date of the beginning of human civilization is incontrovertible. Something wiped out this civilization and sent humanity back to the stone age. Gobekli Tepe seems to be the only site mainstream archaeologists accept as pre-dating the first human civilizations understood in mainstream textbooks and even still, they usually will avoid talking about it completely as it doesn’t fit their narrative.

This Greenland crater appears to be incredibly compelling. It shows that a major event that would have unavoidably ended most any form of civilization on the planet occurred as reported by so many people titled “crazy” in the past.

We dig deep into this cataclysm/extinction event and how it ties into Atlantis at the potential Richat Structure location, the true age of the Ancient Egyptians, Peruvians and more!

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