President Trump, First Lady Make Surprise Visit to US Troops in Iraq

President Trump, First Lady Make Surprise Visit to US Troops in Iraq from Sputnik News

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump made a surprise visit to Iraq on Wednesday to meet with US servicemembers stationed at the Al Asad Air Base.

During the visit, Trump told reporters that he has “no plans at all” to remove US troops from Iraq, instead stressing his interests in wanting soldiers to vacate from Syria, AP reported. POTUS added that Iraq could be used as a base to stage attacks on Daesh militants.

45 reportedly told journalists that, if needed, Washington could attack militants “so fast and so hard [that they] won’t know what the hell happened.” This visit marks the first time that Trump has visited a war zone since becoming president — a move which he was previously criticized for failing to do.

“I think a lot of people are going to come around to my way of thinking,” Trump, speaking on his decision to remove troops from Syria, told reporters at the base. “It’s time for us to start using our head.”

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