No, Jesus Was Not A Refugee Or An Illegal Immigrant

No, Jesus Was Not A Refugee Or An Illegal Immigrant by Brandon Morse – Red State

The migrant caravan, like any issue big or small in America today, already has people lined up in their respective firing lines.

One of the volleys being so confidently fired in the direction of the right from the left is that the right should have more sympathy for the migrants because Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were themselves refugees who had to migrate to Egypt to escape their dire situation.

Check and mate, think leftists, who use this point ad nauseam when it comes to the moral issue of taking in refugees from other countries. Surely the right, which consists primarily of Christians, couldn’t turn away thousands who have so much in common with the holiest of families. To deny the illegal immigrants is, somehow, to deny the baby Jesus himself.

This is usually accompanied with some selective verses thrown in to back up their point that God is all about immigration and refugees in the form of Matthew 25: 25-36 and Leviticus 19:33-34.

They ignore Romans 13: 1-7, but that’s the part of the Bible they’d rather throw out, at least until a Democrat comes back into power.

Problem is, the left’s argument that Jesus himself was a migrant falls apart like any other Bible-driven argument used by the left does when you apply research and a little context.

No, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were not refugees. They were hardly migrants.

Matthew: 2:12-14 tells us the story in question. An angel of the Lord came to Joseph and told him to take Mary and dear eight-pound-six-ounce newborn infant Jesus out of Judea and into Egypt in order to escape the murderous clutches of Herod. Joseph obeyed, and rode out into the night with his divinely given charges. It was there they stayed until Herod died.

On the surface, this seems pretty refugee/immigrant like.

However, one thing that goes completely overlooked or ignored is that, at that time, Judea and Egypt (then known as Aegyptus) were all within the borders of the Roman empire. Both countries were occupied land under Ceaser, and even though Herod was King of Judea, he ruled on behalf of Ceasar. Jesus and His family, while provincial citizens, were what we would consider Roman nationals who paid taxes to Rome though they weren’t necessarily citizens of the Roman state. Fleeing to Egypt, then under the personal control of Augustus himself, was on par to moving from New York and into Texas.

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