George Bailey Was Offered $20,000 a Year in 1946…

George Bailey Was Offered $20,000 a Year in 1946… by Rory – The Daily Coin

I’m watching, as we always do, It’s a Wonderful Life, where the main character, George Bailey, runs a Building and Loan Company that is a small family owned bank. George goes up against Potter, a character that, I presume, is suppose to represent the Rothschild’s banking empire. At one point Potter offers George Bailey a job and offers him a $20,000 annual salary. This movie was filmed in 1946 and using the real Rothschild’s owned Minnesota Federal Reserve Bank’s CPI calculator this would be equal to $256,659.84 in 2018 Federal Reserve Notes. That’s why George Bailey drops his cigar and has look on his face like he’s just seen a ghost. Remember, people didn’t speak in terms of a “a billion” this or “a trillion” that in 1946. In that era they barely spoke of a million anything.

This shows the insidiousness of inflation and how much theft is created in a mere 72 years. Multiply this by a few hundred million people and the numbers begin to get so large that the mind doesn’t even bother at an attempt to calculate. Your mind is now telling you, “that’s ridiculous, fake news“. Believe what you will, it doesn’t change the truth. The image below of the Federal Reserve CPI Calculator is not a mirage. You can use it yourself by clicking this link – click here

Not only is this scene one of the most disgusting in human history, it demonstrates how evil our currency system is today. Bankers are agents of the enemy, some people would argue they are the enemy himself. Either way, the banking cabal has a way bringing out the very worst in all of us, even George Bailey.

If you haven’t listened to the fantastic interview Craig Hemke, TFMR, conducted recently with G. Edward Griffin you should make time to do so. Click here to listen – Mr. Griffin has really done humanity a great service with the publishing of The Creator from Jekyll Island, the book exposing the Federal Reserve Banking system as the privately owned, banking cabal that it is.

The Potter character played in “It’s a Wonderful Life” is an overly dramatic version of these filthy thieving bankers. Odds are, you would never see Jerome Powell, Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke or “the Maestro” Allan Greenspan act like Potter but I feel confident each one of them has conducted themselves in some form of this Potter character during the time they were directing the global crime spree, Federal Reserve. Please never forget, the Federal Reserve is a global crime syndicate that holds entire nations hostage through the use of the Federal Reserve Note, US dollar.

The FRN is the power source for all the evils conducted through war, police actions, kinetic actions, or whatever they call the latest bombing, drone strikes, killing spree in some country most people have no idea where it’s located on a map. Take the FRN away, take the power of these bankers away. The killing stops, the police state, the spy agencies all shut down and our world begins to look and act a lot different. Pottersville is shutdown and Bedford Falls gets a much needed infrastructure project planned, started and completed. End the Fed, NOW.

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