EXPOSED: Russia’s Internal Policy – What Are They Hiding?

EXPOSED: Russia’s Internal Policy – What Are They Hiding? by Rory – The Daily Coin

Over the past several years we have discussed, at length, the BRICS, SCO, EAEU and some of the other economic alliances led by China, Russia or co-chaired by the two nations. We have reviewed some of the policies around the debt China is creating and how they are dealing with it or, as the case may be, simply creating more and more debt all the time.

Russia, on the other hand, has a completely different view of debt – they have almost no debt and are responding to the sanctions implemented by the west, in a way that makes their nation stronger, more independent and less reliant on the world reserve currency, Federal Reserve Note, US dollar. While China and Russia share some goals, this is the great divide between the two nations and will eventually lead them in opposite directions from one another.

Louis Cammarosano, smaulgld, and I have been discussing these issues for the past several years. We have not always agreed on the path, reasoning or what we see as the final outcome, but we have always respected and listened to other one another’s view. Today was no different, except our views are seemingly more aligned today than in the past.

Russia is now standing firmly on the foundation of nationalism and, it could be argued, are the leading the global nationalist movement. Russia was one of the first nations to step outside of the globalist movement, while at the same time a full member of the BRICS alliance. “Well how can Russia be in global alliance and a nationalist country?” Great question – It’s easy, really. While some of the policies that Russia supports are looking beyond her border so the country can continue to grow markets, the biggest part of their agenda is how to reinforce their interior. It is no different than you and your household. You have a job that is located in another part of town or another part of the country, while your focus is on how to improve and better care for your family. The exact same thing just different scales of economy.

We recently reported on the Belt and Road Initiative coming to Central America, Panama, and the fact that China and Panama have now signed 28 different agreements. Great news for Panama, maybe, and good news for China. This is China continually looking outside her border to expand China’s reach and open other markets while expanding use of the yuan. Remember, fiat currencies are instruments of debt, the more currency created the more debt that is outstanding.

Corporate media tells us to love China and hate Russia. Why is that?

At the end of the day the thesis that I have been developing most of this year is now standing on solid ground. A big part of the “Russia did it” narrative is based on the trinity of anti-globalism, nationalism and Christianity. This is what currently defines a big part of Russia’s policies and agenda. While China is the exact opposite, globalist, communist/police state and anti-religion. This is why a significant number of the members of the U.S. Congress look the other way when it comes to China’s crimes. Globalist Americans within Congress embrace the Chinese model to the point of there being speculation that Diane Fienstein had a Chinese spy on her staff for close to 20 years!! There are plenty of other reasons corporate media constantly tells us to love China and hate Russia, but now we can at least have an adult conversation about realistic differences.

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