Endless War Coming To An End?

Endless War Coming To An End? by Rory – The Daily Coin

Byron York sees General Mattis sudden departure, retirement, as being a sign of the times. President Trump’s announcement to pull troops out of Syria, which was pretty much out of the blue, seems to be the catalyst for Mattis’ announcement.

With the build up of unConstitutional endless wars under the Bush II and Obama regime’s we have seen nation after nation completely gutted and bombed into the stone age. For what reason? Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan all have victims of bombing and drone bombings for the past two decades. Why?

We can say, with confidence, Afghanistan is for the poppy production and nothing else. Look at the fruit that has bore – opioid “crisis” brought to you by the CIA and United Nations. Afghanistan under Taliban rule had just about eradicated poppy production. You see that dip in 2001, yeah, that was under Taliban rule. I am not defending, nor would I defend the Taliban, but I am not going to defend what has happened since the U.S. military showed up either.

If you think these numbers are going down, you are 100% incorrect. Let’s not forget one of my favorite sources on the “opioid crisis” – the United Nations World Drug Report published in 2014 click here This report reads like a company prospectus and makes clear the world stood by and watched this plague grow, mature and spread disease across the planet. But I digress

The unConstitutional wars need to come to an end and Byron York offers a bit of insight to what may be happening right now.

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