Russia Did It and the Globalist Swine

Russia Did It and the Globalist Swine by Rory – The Daily Coin

Tucker Carlson, whom I hold in high regard, does a better than an average job of delivering current affairs. He takes time to explain what is happening and is unafraid to point out the liars, propagandist and globalist running our government and their corporate mouthpieces. Tuesday December 18 was an exceptionally well done program.

The first major segment exposes known liar and all around globalist pig, Brian Williams, MSNBC anchor. Williams and some “well qualified” idiot are explaining how the “russia did it / collusion” began all the way back in the 1960’s and involved the John Birch Society, the KKK and David Duke. These lunatics were actually given a national platform to spew nonsense that would get my site de-platformed and I would become an unperson.

Mr. Carlson moves into detailing the “russia did it” narrative and how the Mueller investigation is intertwined. He then goes on to detail the monetary cost. After about a 7-8 rant he invites Victor Davis Hanson on to detail the “other” cost. Lost time, expense to the American economy, intangible expenses like ruined lives. If nothing else please watch the first 17 minutes of the video below. It is time well spent.

Next up is another one of my favorite commentators Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist. Mollie picks apart, after extensive research, the Clinton funded “dossier” that has ruined countless lives and proves how corrupt the FBI and DoJ are but does not prove any “russia did it / collusion” involving Trump.

This is followed by Professor, Stephen Cohen, Russia historian and author, to reinforce the findings of Mollie Hemingway and explain how the sanctions against Russia are going to do much more damage to America. Professor Cohen pinpoints the moment when the neocons target Trump for the entire “russia did it / collusion”. It is amazing and clear as a bell. Of course, Professor Cohen states this not conclusive but it seems very clear to those of us paying attention.

The show then takes a lighter moment with Tammy Bruce to showcase the nonexistent war on Christmas and gingerbread men. That’s right, I said it “gingerbread men”!

The final 5-6 minutes is once again, well worth your time when Tucker and newly elected Representative, Chip Roy, from Williams County, Tx explains he is going after Apple the massive tax welfare they were given to move to Austin, Tx. Probably just great soundbites but they are highly effective. Ralph Nader is still around and doing the right thing at the very end of the show when he is attacking the scumbags in Congress through a new book.

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