Economic Collapse News Update with Matt Silver Fortune

Economic Collapse News Update with Matt Silver Fortune by Rory – The Daily Coin

Having been a part of the precious metals community for close to a decade it has been amazing to see how it has changed. The manipulation has gone from the “backroom” to in-your-face we don’t care if you know we are breaking the law – what’s going to happen? Look at what happened with absolute collapse of the too-big-to-jail banks in 2008. Followed by the over-the-top, proven in a court of law, LIBOR market rigging, that was followed quickly by the FOREX market rigging. No one went to prison, no serious investigations, no nothing. So, why wouldn’t the banks commit crimes in the open? Who cares? Do you care?

Another aspect of the precious metals community, the part that is fascinating and beautiful, for me, is two fold. The quality of the artwork that is being produced today is far superior to what was being produced 10 years ago and the handful of young people that actually have a desire and growing understanding of sound, honest money.

Matt, Silver Fortune, is one of these young people. I sat down with Matt to get his take on a variety of topics that impact our world right now. Today, Wednesday December 19, 2018 the head criminal at the Federal Reserve “Bank” is going to grace the world with his words of wisdom and possibly another interest rate hike. The question I have is the same question I have been asking for years – does it matter?

Matt and I discuss the possibility of another interest rate hike, along with the precious metals markets and the direction they will be allowed to travel over the coming year. Matt has a great mind, a wonderful perspective of the markets and understands how the markets are all tied together. Not just the American markets, but the global markets impact as well.

Like I said, the young people entering the community provide a ray of sunshine in an otherwise highly rigged, messy market place that doesn’t allow for much optimism. Matt provides some optimism amongst the cynicism.

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