Gold / Silver Eagles Crash Land & The Parade of Horribles with Louis Cammarosano

Gold / Silver Eagles Crash Land & The Parade of Horribles with Louis Cammarosano by Rory  – The Daily Coin

Facts, just the facts as they are reported. Are these facts accurate; are the facts actual facts or is the intention to keep people blind and ill-informed? Well, I would argue government so-called “facts” are nothing more than an illusion intended to keep the plates spinning in this ongoing ponzi scheme of an economy.

Some would argue the U.S. Mints reporting of sales products to Authorized Purchasers are accurate. The numbers seem to be accurate, based on excitement, discussion and overall interest. The sale of Gold and Silver Eagle coins has fallen like a stone over the past two and half years and there are a variety of reason for this.

I sat down with Louis Cammarosano, Smaulgld, to find out what is happening with the sale of Eagles to the AP’s. Louis is unconcerned with speculative numbers, which makes him a voice of reason in a time where everything is rigged, manipulated and speculation runs rampant. Do we believe the numbers from the U.S. Mint? Personally, I take them with a grain a salt as I do any government reported anything. The government is not interested in helping the people and the U.S. Mint is part of the government, so…we review everything with the same skepticism.

On a much more cheerful note we turn to the art of the coin. Literally, how beautiful and artistic some of the silver coins are. A personal favorite of mine is the Black Rhino coin. I have discussed it on a number of occasions as the level of detail the sculptor was able to incorporate into this tiny surface is, to me, breathtaking.

There were only 2,500 of these coins minted and I was able to acquire 2 of them. One for my brother-in-law and one to keep.

We turned our attention to the big tech, censorship and de-platforming of conservative voices. This is a national emergence that is being treated like just another “news story”. If there is a canary-in-the-coalmine of liberty, it is a nations ability to speak their mind without fear of repercussions. This is now in endangered and if it continues much longer we will reach crisis level. We shouldn’t stand idly by and watch the canary die.

It’s a great beginning to an in-depth conservation.

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