Spy Alliance Pushes China Towards Cold War

Spy Alliance Pushes China Towards Cold War By Owen Sullivan – Laissez Faire Books / LFB

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The U.S.-China trade war has taken a strange and potentially dangerous turn.

Just when it looked like Trump and Xi Jinping were making some progress in negotiations… a global spy alliance threw a large and poorly timed spanner in the works.

The alliance, known as the Five Eyes, is comprised of agencies from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The Five has its roots all the way back in the Cold War, when operatives from the five nations had to work together to tackle the ever-growing threat of communism.

Covert operations conducted by the Five Eyes ranged from orchestrating the assassination of the Congolese independence leader Patrice Lumumba, to overthrowing Chile’s government in the 1970s, and surveilling suspected communist sympathizers like Charlie Chaplain and John Lennon.

Charlie Chaplain and John Lennon

But the Five Eyes definitely weren’t sitting around watching celebrities last week. In fact, what they were doing might just lead to a whole new Cold War.

Geopolitical expert Jim Rickards reveals all in today’s issue of Money & Crisis.

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Owen Sullivan

Owen Sullivan
Editor, Money & Crisis

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New Cold War With China Possible

Jim RickardsOn Saturday, Dec. 1, at the end of the G-20 meeting in Buenos Aires, President Trump and his team of trade and finance advisers had dinner with President Xi Jinping of China and his team.

The purpose was to discuss the ongoing trade war between China and the U.S. Trump’s team had presented the Chinese team with 142 specific trade demands.

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