“My Mother Wishes She Had Aborted Me!” (Video)

“My Mother Wishes She Had Aborted Me!” Video – Stefan Molyneux

“I have been listening to the podcast for close to two years now. As the child of a single female parent with a high ACE score, I find many listeners’ stories, and also Stefan’s own experience, resonate strongly with my own.

“If I had to describe my childhood in a word, I would struggle to make a choice between ‘dysfunctional’ and ‘non-existent.’ If you can envision a parent doing everything conceivably wrong short of sexual abuse or going to prison, you will come close to painting a picture of my life up to the age of 17.

“I feel as if I’ve been battling with the fallout from this experience all my life (not always effectively or intelligently) and am only now, in my third decade, finally coming close developing the psychological tools to repair the damage caused

“I hope that sharing my experience via this medium will allow me to gain some valuable insight into what I can, and indeed should, be doing to, paraphrasing Nietzsche, ‘better become who I am.’ I also hope my doing so can provide comfort and encouragement to others who might be in a similar predicament.”

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