A View of Hyperinflation – Historical, Recent and Current

A View of Hyperinflation – Historical, Recent and Current

They all share a common thread – lots and lots and lots of worthless paper that the day before was called currency. In Germany, Zimbabwe and Venezuela the same practice was used – dump the worthless currency in the trash bin. In Germany it was not uncommon to stuff currency into the fire pit to provide some warmth. At least it still held some type of value.

Historically in Germany…

Recently in Zimbabwe…

Currently in Venezuela…

Just an FYI

What’s that? – Gold is money. I don’t think there has ever been a case of people stuffing a wood stove or throwing gold into the dump because it was completely worthless – not one time in history has this happened.

Please keep in mind the image of the “dollar” below is merely a representation of money (gold). Odds are very high that you use a debit card for most of your purchases or you push a button on your phone – both of which are an illusion of a representation of money. Once it is understood that the currency used to acquire stuff, or services, is in fact a representation or an illusion, the closer to liberty a person can move.

Liberty comes from God and freedom comes from the state. Gold, which has proven to be money by virtue of use and acceptance, comes from God. Currently, our currency is issued by the state, this was not always the case. As a matter-of-fact this is only a recent development. A system of debt (wealth transfer) sanctioned by the state for the benefit of the bankers.

If you’ve got gold, you’ve got money. If don’t have gold, you’ve got a problem.” ~Alasdair Macleod

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