Macron “Has Nothing But Disdain, Condescension For”… The People

Macron “Has Nothing But Disdain, Condescension For”… The People by  – Politco

TDC Note – Back in September 2017 Politico published this piece and I find it interesting that it has made it’s way to my desk at this time. We know Macron is in a lot of trouble with the people of France, and guillotines are part of French history, so it’s in his best interest to, at least, attempt to show the people some respect.

However, according to this report, it’s probably too late. Macron has built a massive wall of distrust among the people of France, including the people that are paid to protect France.

It will be interesting to see how the people respond this weekend when the riots, I mean protest, start again in earnest. What is going to be the main thing to watch are the police and firemen – will they side with the people or will they continue to side with their overlords?


It was a rare unscripted moment in French politics. Emmanuel Macron, wearing a €1,600 suit, caught on camera lecturing a worker about the importance of hard work to get the nicer things in life.

Macron, who was economy minister at the time, shook off the ensuing controversy, switched to a cheaper tailor when his election campaign got under way, and went on to win the presidency.

The French, it seemed, were willing to forgive the political prodigy a flash of elitism. Six months into his presidency, that spirit of forgiveness is gone. Macron’s approval scores have fallen by a third since election day, and the rot shows no sign of stopping.

His chief political rival, the far-leftfirebrand Jean-Luc Mélenchon, is getting ready to stage massive protests against Macron’s labor reforms this weekend. And the president, instead of reaching out to the protesters, is enraging them with quips about “slackers,” “people who are nothing” and their “unreformable country.”

Confronted by a journalist about the use of the term “slackers,” Macron said he “absolutely did not regret” it.

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