Border Walls Work – Ask the Pope or the Former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel

Border Walls Work – Ask the Pope or the Former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel by Rory – The Daily Coin

The image above is from outside the Vatican. The vatican from where Pope Francis told President Trump that border walls are “unChristian”. Well, Pope-on-dope, so is pedophilia but you seem to think it’s okay as long as your “Team” is committing the unholy crimes.

Israel went from 55,000 illegal immigrant border invaders in 2012 to ZERO in 2017 due to having a border wall built at the appropriate height and with the appropriate security. Think about that for just a second – 55,000 to ZERO in less than 5 years.

Republicans and Democrats alike will be quick to point out that Israel is one of our “strongest allies”. Several members of Congress  are dual citizens of Israel. If Israel did what they say they did, and they built a border wall for the specific purpose of keeping out invading illegal immigrants, why wouldn’t these American ruling class bots follow suit?

If Trump is unable to get the wall built or, at least, committed and started, he will be a one term President. The lunatics will take over the asylum and we will lose what little liberty that remains. The liberal progressive globalist will not have an open dialogue as was witnessed when President Trump attempted to discuss, openly, the border wall with the two rank – ing democrats.

Pelosi and Schumer both, stated on at least one occasion each, they wanted to be behind closed doors instead of debating in the open – transparent. They are all about transparency from behind their closed doors, but when the light of truth is shining in their face, well, they don’t have anything to say. They have a lot to shout, but nothing of substance to share with the American people.

Democrats, and a lot of Republicans, have nothing to say about the stats listed below. These do-nothing criminals in Washington DC need to find themselves feeling the exact same pressure that French President Macron is feeling.

Fund the wall, build the build and stop illegal immigration – NOW!

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