Gerald Celente: 2019 Trends Forecast – Uprisings and Zombies

Gerald Celente: 2019 Trends Forecast – Uprisings and Zombies by Rory – The Daily Coin

We are seeing what can only be defined as a trend that is spreading all around the world – populism. The globalist are terrified that the people are going to take their nations back, demand sovereignty and throw them all out of office one way or another. We are seeing people rise up everywhere. At this point if you don’t see what’s happening and see it as a global phenomenon, then you need new sources of information because you are not getting the whole picture.

Not only do we have the Yellow Vest uprising in France, but the Tropical Trump in Brazil, Belt and Road Initiative arriving in Panama, Salvini rallying in Italy, Hungary closing the door to illegal immigrants, Germans turning against Merkel, BREXIT, Trump in America and these are just the “big ticket items”. This is to say nothing of what’s happening with the global food production, gold being gobbled up by national banks around the world, China making inroads with the Belt and Road Initiative throughout Eastern Europe. Uprisings and major national changes around the world.

On the other side of the coin we have baby boomers retiring at breakneck speed and in America creating a pension fund collapse that is going to send the world into a massive economic depression that will make the The Great Depression look like an individual bank failed in some rural community that no one has ever heard of. We have millennials trapped in an endless mountain of debt and now comes Generation Z.

According to Gerald Celente, Founder, Trends Research, Generation Z is going to be the zombie age. “Not an ounce of boogie, not a drop of jive.

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