Content Creation, Truth Seekers and Our Future Selves

Content Creation, Truth Seekers and Our Future Selves by Rory – The Daily Coin

Louis Cammarosano, smaulgld, in the video below, does a great job of codifying the state of content creation. Content creators, like myself, are under attack like no other time in history. It’s a three pronged attack – government, corporate class and the citizens. People claim they want the truth, but somehow would rather attack it than listen to it when actually confronted with the truth. “You can’t handle the truth.” is a very real thing. It’s not so much that it can’t be handled, it’s a situation, as Catherine Austin-Fitts proves in her Red Button Experiment, that people will turn to a lie in order to protect the few crumbs that the uber wealthy have allowed us to gather together.

Based on the fact that most people avoid articles discussing 1st Amendment and 4th Amendment Rights, both of which are inalienable rights granted by God not people, what I stated above holds true. Most people in this world are only interested in what benefits them and are not concerned with the bigger picture. Catherine Austin-Fitts experiment points towards 90% of the people. When ever I publish articles about Julian Assange or the latest spy technology or something as serious as 100% of your digital footprint being captured by the 17 spy agencies in the U.S. and the untold number of spy agencies in Europe, these articles are barely even considered for reading or listening to the video / podcast – they have the lowest number of views of any article on the days they are published. This has been the case since day one of the existence of The Daily Coin.

I am not attacking anyone, I am merely pointing out a truth, a reality. “You can’t handle the truth.” should be, you don’t want to know the truth.

We are going to continue doing what we do and we will continue to flush out the people that do in fact want the truth. We will continue fighting until I am without an internet connection. With any luck it won’t come to such an extreme, but don’t be surprised by anything these criminals throw at us. They are scared, wounded and dangerous. A wounded animal is always the most dangerous. Trump, the Yellow Vest, Salvini and “Tropical Trump” not to mention what is happening in Russia and across Europe with the Christian uprising, all show the people are uniting against these criminal cancers that have infected our world. If we could only have some of what is happening around the world to show up on our shores we, the American people, may actually stand a chance.

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