Tom Perez – Agent of the enemy?

Tom Perez – Agent of the enemy? by Rory – The Daily Coin

You can sense the absolute desperation coming from this person as he speaks. This is the same person that said, just a few weeks ago, that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was the future of the Demon-rat party. Now this.

What a crime to have people influenced by their church. Perez seems demonstrates the main reasons why demon-rats have lost their way, can only steal seats of power and never win, along with the reasons why the demon-rats will continue become completely irrelevant over the coming years. The only people that support their ideas are a handful of college students that have been brainwashed into believing just about anything – you know, like green hair is beautiful or a tattooed face is a great career move.

Where was Perez when Obama was praising his minister? Why wasn’t this a problem? Oh, that’s right, Obama’s a demon-rat, so that makes it okay.

I guess he forgot about his buddy, Obama, being influenced by Jeremiah Wright

Given the type of message Mr. Wright was prone to deliver, is it any wonder that Obama was as corrupt, misguided and ineffective as we are now learning about his entire Presidency?

With the exception of the obvious, there is nothing inherently wrong with what Jeremiah says, it is the overall direction that most people take exception. This has been held up to paint a picture of a truly bad person preaching to the masses including a former occupant of the White House. You be the judge or at least lend an ear, if you can, to have a better understanding what this man said, in the context in which it was said.

Very fowl language

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