Fun on Friday: Kylie Jenner Gets Trounced in Christmas Tree Smackdown

Fun on Friday: Kylie Jenner Gets Trounced in Christmas Tree Smackdown from SchiffGold

Did you hear about Kylie Jenner’s gold Christmas tree?

I didn’t either. Well, I guess I did. But not on purpose. I was doing my normal morning search for gold news when I stumbled on a few stories about the celeb’s tree. Apparently, people do follow this stuff on purpose, and Kylie’s trees are a big deal.

If you don’t know, Kylie Jenner is a “cosmetics maven.” Please don’t ask to explain what that means. I don’t know. I guess she does makeup?

But regardless, the girl is famous. I think probably more because her dad turned into her mom than for her cosmetics prowess. But anyway, as a celebrity, Kylie’s Christmas trees matter and she decided to go gold this year. Here’s how People described it.

The cosmetics maven, 21, showed off her glittering metallic Christmas tree standing tall in the entryway of her home on Instagram. The towering conifer features gold branches, a variety of gold ball ornaments, countless glowing lights and even a gold-wrapped stand.”

See, I didn’t make that cosmetics maven thing up.

Anyway, here’s a picture for you visual learners.

Kylie is known for going big in the Christmas tree department. Last year she had a giant tree flocked in snow featuring glass balls in shades of pink. I guess all of this is supposed to impress us. But sorry Kylie, not impressed. You need to step up your game. If you want to impress me with a gold Christmas tree, you gotta use real gold.

Like this one:

Now THAT’S a gold Christmas tree. Seriously. It really is.

Munich-based gold dealer Pro Aurum made the Christmas tree out of gold coins. They’ve dubbed it “the most expensive Christmas tree in Europe.” With it being valued at $2.6 million, I don’t doubt them.

The “tree” stands 3 meters tall and weighs in at 63 kilograms of pure gold. That translates to 138.891 pounds – approximately. It features 2,018 solid gold one-ounce Vienna Philharmonic coins, topped by a massive 20-ounce coin, placed into a golden star.

Take that Kylie Jenner.


The company plans to leave the tree up at its gold house through Dec. 15. Apparently, they are a little confused about the date of Christmas.

Anyway, Pro Aurum spokesman Benjamin Summa told Reuters, “The Christmas tree is special because of its value.”

Now, when you put up a tree, the value generally depreciates as the season goes on, especially if it’s a live tree. Needles start falling off. It gets kind of brown. It might even droop a bit. And if you have an artificial tree, it depreciates too. We had one that shed needles like the famed Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It met its maker last January. Eventually, every old Christmas tree ends up on the curb. Kylie’s will too.

But I’m pretty certain Pro Aurum won’t drag theirs to the curb. If they do…please, oh please get video!

Actually, Summa said the great thing about their Christmas tree is it will likely increase in value as the season moves on because he expects the price of gold to rise.

Kylie’s tree might look cool, but it ain’t gonna do that. She might think she’s the queen of the Christmas trees, but the Germans laid a smackdown on her.

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