France Moves to Permanently ‘Abandon’ Climate Tax After Protests

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France Moves to Permanently ‘Abandon’ Climate Tax After Protests

TDC Note – Macron is feeling the heat and the people are winning. It seems all my talk of guillotines scared Macron into doing the right thing!!

If I remember correctly the guillotine was used in France when some idiot thought he knew what was best for the people and the people reminded him who was actually in charge. Hopefully, we won’t see that happen again.

The “fuel tax” / “carbon tax” whatever scam they are attempting to sell, the people are not buying. The people are sick of a dictatorship operating in Brussel, running their lives when they are unelected, uncaring and stealing everything that’s not nailed down. Oh, if it is nailed down they rip from the hinge. It seems the people are done with this whole European Union scam, endless illegal immigrant program and endless wealth transfer program. Guillotines for all!!!


French President Emmanuel Macron officially “abandoned” his proposed “fuel tax” Wednesday; with government officials confirming the leader rescinded the tariff after widespread protests.

His Prime Minister told reporters the “tax is now abandoned,” adding the administration is “ready for dialogue” to avoid future violence surrounding the policy.

Macron’s popularity ratings hit new lows after the “yellow vest” protests began to gather speed. The young centrist leader has been pummeled by a wave of popular discontent over his now-abandoned eco-tax, which quickly evolved into a broader rebuke of his distant leadership style and tough policies.

New reports today suggest left-wing parties within the French parliament have agreed to discuss a no-confidence vote against Mr. Macron’s government. The French Communist Party and the Socialist Party are leading the rebellion.

It was just last month when Macron stood at the Arc de Triomphe and rebuked President Trump’s “America First” policy at a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.

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