Illegal Immigrants Are An Asset to Our Economy…Or Are They A Liability?

Illegal Immigrants Are An Asset to Our Economy…Or Are They A Liability? by Rory – The Daily Coin

Open borders in the U.S. and Europe must stop now. Whole societies are being erased by these policies. If you are an open borders advocate you need to become a citizen of another country and give up your U.S. citizenship and you will see how open 99% of the countries around the world truly are –  OR you need to apply to take in as many illegal immigrants as possible and be 100% responsible for their every need, including any legal entanglements they find themselves – like becoming an actual citizen.

Speaking of the agreement in late 2017, then U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley stated, “Our decisions on immigration policies must always be made by Americans and Americans alone … The global approach in the New York Declaration is simply not compatible with U.S. sovereignty.”

It seems the rest of the world is waking up, with a U.K. parliamentary petition now nearing 100,000 signatures in opposition to Britain becoming a signatory. Similar movements are springing up in Denmark, New Zealand and Belgium.

It’s not just because the Global Compact for Migration is broadly unnecessary (U.N. agencies currently already spend up to $6bn a year on migration-related study and assistance), but it is also incredibly perverse. Source – The Daily Caller

Opening with an invocation to 17 other United Nations agreements and treaties (including the Paris Climate Accords), the document goes on to pay lip service to national sovereignty while directly attacking the same principle with demands for regulations on both the public and private sectors, and indeed restrictions on the free press who might report skeptically on migration.

Hidden amongst the 38 jargon-laced pages, the compact affirms the “entitlements” of migrants and refugees; including but not limited to additional job training, diaspora “trade fairs,” assistance sending money to their countries of origin, and a commitment to “educating” native communities on the benefits of multiculturalism and increased immigration.

The document insists it is based on “human rights law” and “upholds the principles of non-regression and non-discrimination.”

This means a nation-state is agreeing to not alter its own internal immigration policies after signing up to the compact. What supranational governmental organizations call “pooling sovereignty,” and what the rest of us call “giving up sovereignty.” Source – The Daily Caller

If someone thinks border walls are unChristian, like the pedophile pope said, just look at the size of the unChristian wall surrounding his house, you know his house, the Vatican. Take a look at the image above – yep, that’s what surrounds the Vatican. Or explain to me about St. Peter at the pearly gates and the extreme vetting that goes along with getting into heaven – can anyone just walk in? Of course not.


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