Rep. Hirono Explains Why Democrats Will Continue Losing Their Base

Rep. Hirono Explains Why Democrats Will Continue Losing Their Base by Rory – The Daily Coin

First you had hillary calling, at least, 50% of the country “deplorable’s”. Now, hillary, can not figure out why she lost a rigged election. An election that was rigged in her favor and she still lost.

Now, we have the miscreant from Hawaii, Senator Mazie Hirono, explaining, to the world, how the democrats plan on continue pushing people out of “the big tent” and completely implode the democratic party. I, to this day, tell my wife all the time if they would just keep their mouth shut they would do so much better, but they just can’t help themselves.

No I was wrong it was another democratic “representative” that is picking up where hillary left off. Oh never mind, the democrats are completely out of ideas and now are, literally, turning on the country to show their loyalty is to power and nothing else. It is people like former DNC communications director, Luis Miranda, that are simply completely ignoring what the citizens are saying about real issues, issues that matter to the people.

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