Get Ready For Mueller to DROP A BOMB Soon – The Mueller Team Would Not Have Stopped Unless They Thought They Had Trump

Get Ready For Mueller to DROP A BOMB Soon – The Mueller Team Would Not Have Stopped Unless They Thought They Had Trump by Jim Hoft – The Gateway Pundit

The writing is on the wall.  Mueller will go ‘soft’ on General Flynn and ‘show mercy’, then he will drop a bomb on Manafort and nuke President Trump.  The MSM will lap it all up and call for the President’s removal.  The House Democrats will work diligently to make it so.

The corrupt Mueller team was not benevolent towards General Flynn today.  General Flynn should never have been put in that position.  It was all just a cover up for the crime of spying on General Flynn and others by the corrupt Obama administration.  Mueller and his Deep State gang targeted Flynn and others whom they illegally spied on and set up.

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This was all predicted yesterday as soon as Michael Isikoff from Yahoo News (the same reporter whose story was planted and used by the Obama team to support obtaining a warrant to spy illegally on candidate Trump) announced that the Mueller gang was wrapping it up –

If the criminal and corrupt Mueller team is finally done with their witch 🧙‍♀️ hunt they must believe they have enough to remove @realDonaldTrump from office. Don’t expect anything from @GenFlynn release. Mueller might even go lenient on him (not because he’s innocent of any …

2 … and all crimes – because he is – not because he was set up perhaps by Halper and for sure by creepy demonic former FBI agent Peter Strzok- because he was) but because everything crime boss Mueller does in the witch hunt is to manage the complying fake news media. Mueller..

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