World’s Most Dangerous Hat – Owners Get Evicted and Bullied

World’s Most Dangerous Hat – Owners Get Evicted and Bullied by Rory – The Daily Coin

What other hat, not even a turban, has conjured up such hate and venom in people. What other head dress has brought about violence because of the hat itself? Not the person wearing the hat or what the hat represents but the hat itself.

We have seen people attacked, beat to a pulp and threatened with death because they were wearing a #MAGA hat. Imagine how broken a life must be that that a person can be brought to such levels of hatred because of a hat – let that sink in just a minute. It’s a hat!!

Now we learn that individual companies are beginning to act like Antifa and show the same levels of hatred, racism and disrespect toward people. These companies don’t understand they will be washed away as more people learn of their racist, hate-filled ways of conducting business. Once this happens they will be left with the antifa gangs that only know destruction and hate. Good luck maintaining a business with that client base.

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