What Training Should You Get For Concealed Carry?

What Training Should You Get For Concealed Carry? by Jesse Mathewson – Concealed Carry Today

TDC Note – If you have not taken professional gun training classes – yes, multiple – you should consider doing so. Yes, I too, have been shooting a gun since I was child, but it’s a whole other mindset when it comes to self defense or protecting your family.


Every state has different requirements for carrying a concealed defensive tool. Some states require evidence of need, other states allow constitutional carry which has no legislative limitations outside of being a resident of the state and a law-abiding citizen. Safety is absolutely the most important part of carrying a handgun for defensive purposes.

The most often repeated safety rules are as follows, these rules are believed to have been coined by Colonel Jeff Cooper.

  1. Treat every gun as if it is loaded
  2. Never aim at anything you do not want to shoot
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you intend to shoot
  4. Be sure of your target before firing

Other safety rules can range from pages to just a couple of simple lines in length. My personal approach for concealed carriers and anyone involved in shooting sports and defensive approaches is as follows.

  1. Loaded or not, keep the finger off the trigger
  2. Loaded or not, always ensure the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction

If you forget rule one, but remember rule two, there will be no permanent damage.

If you forget rule two, but remember rule one, there will be no permanent damage.

Before we get any further I need to clarify, I am not an attorney, in fact, I do not particularly like that segment of society. I am not a politician, I have never been a soldier or police officer. What I am is simple, a well trained, educated and practiced individual who has spent decades training, educating myself and continues to do so regularly.

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