Suing Gun Retailers Out Of Business

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Suing Gun Retailers Out Of Business by: Off The Grid News

Gun controllers have a new strategy: suing gun retailers out of business. Notably, Second Amendment foes are suing gun retailers over mass shootings.

For example, Walmart is being sued over a 2014 killing spree in Overland Park, Kansas, NPR reports. Walmart is being sued because it sold a shotgun to John Reidle.

Particularly, lawyers allege that Reidle bought the gun for his buddy Frazier Glenn Cross Jr. The shotgun is one of two weapons Cross used in a murder spree at the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park.

Unremarkably, Cross is on death row for killing three people. Additionally, Reidle faces felony charges for acting as a straw buyer. Notwithstanding, victims’ families blame Walmart and so they are now suing the discount giant.

Suing Gun Retailers To End Firearms Sales

Astonishingly, survivors are not suing gun retailers for money. Instead, gun controllers themselves hope to discourage firearms sales by suing gun retailers.

Gun controllers want to increase the expense and hassle of gun sales with the lawsuits. Consequently, suing gun retailers discourages firearms sales even when courts throw out the cases.

For instance, a retailer has to pay attorneys to litigate an unsuccessful lawsuit. Lawsuits also generate negative publicity that big companies like Walmart want to avoid.

Why Gun Controllers Are Suing Walmart Over A Mass Shooting

Walmart is facing two lawsuits over Cross’s 2014 shooting spree because Reidle bought a gun that a killer used at one of its stores.

To explain, Reidle is a straw buyer or front man for Cross. Cross picked out the weapon and started the purchase. Nonetheless, Reidle completed a federal background check and paid for the shotgun.

Attorneys for victim Terri LaManno assert that Walmart violated federal law by letting Reidle complete the purchase. Attorneys blame Walmart because its employees could not read Reidle’s mind.

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