Russia Did It, Professor Stephen Cohen and Carbon Tax Riots

Russia Did It, Professor Stephen Cohen and Carbon Tax Riots by Rory – The Daily Coin

The show starts out with the “russia did it” latest incarnation and Mueller attempting to bring charges against 72 year old Jerome Corsi for “lying about the date” of an email. Corsi has filed charges against Mueller – the first time anyone has reversed the charges and began shining a light on the criminal nature of Robert Mueller and this entire phone, nonsensical investigation.

Tucker then discusses what is happening in Ukraine and Syria, along with the ties to the “russia did it” nonsense with Professor Stephen Cohen. Not as in-depth as I would like, but a good segment.

Towards the end, which is what I wish to make a point – beginning at approximately 36:45 mark Tucker sheds light on the Yellow Vest uprising in France. Mr. Carlson does what no other corporate media outlet does – tells the truth. The uprising in France is not about “high gas prices” or sour economy, it is about climate change carbon taxes that have been imposed on fuel in France. The taxes are high and the people are revolting. They are revolting to the point of threatening the government and “storming the Bastille”, again.

As we have stated before, the whole world can now see what the whole world thinks about taxes to save the planet. As Tucker Carlson points out, the United Nations wants to impose a $49 per gallon carbon tax. You read that correctly – $49 per gallon. As Tucker so aptly states, this is not about saving the planet, it is about controlling the people, who can afford to travel and where they travel. So few people can afford $49/gallon taxes on fuel that most people would simply stop driving. Economies would come to a halt, people would be forced, even more so than today, to the cities and urban centers.

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