Kazakistan Increases Gold Stack, Again

Kazakistan Increases Gold Stack, Again by Rory – The Daily Coin

This is my favorite report produced by Louis Cammarosano, smaulgld. It is a reminder of how slow and steady wins the race. We have been watching the growth of Kazakhistan for more than 4 years now and each year their story, at least to me, becomes more interesting. This month is no exception as Kazakistan adds a record amount of physical gold to their reserves. Another sign of a strengthening economy, determined leadership and future participation in the BRI and EAEU projects.

Last year we published a report detailing some of the Kazakistan economy and how she has been growing at or above 4% for close to ten years and the projections look equally as bright for the coming decade. Steady economy, growing gold horde and working sitting on the border of Russia and China. Kazakhstan is a nation on the rise and as the Belt and Road Initiative continues to unfold this nation is assured to become even more prominent in her role as gateway to the East.

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