Is Britain Involved With Europe’s “Yellow Vest” Protests?

Is Britain Involved With Europe’s “Yellow Vest” Protests? by William Craddick – DisObedient Media

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Europe’s powder keg is growing dangerously close to an explosion as unrest spreads from France to surrounding mainland nations. These protests are unified by many different factors such as dissatisfaction with mass migration and anger at economic failures blamed on President Emmanuel Macron. But most significantly, they are united by the use of yellow by those who have taken to the streets.

The “Yellow Vest” protests are in fact, a color revolution.

While color revolutions can morph into popular resistance movements, they are at their core professionally organized and instigated, sometimes at the state level. In the case of Europe’s Yellow Revolution, the big winner, and also one of the only states to avoid unrest, is Great Britain.

I. Understanding Color Revolutions

Color revolutions are a strategy of fomenting unrest within a country with the ultimate goal of removing the state’s current regime from power. The term was popularized by the media in the early 2000’s to describe the wave of revolutions that broke out across the former Soviet Union and Balkans during that time period. However, color revolutions have been occurring for many decades prior in various locations around the world. Both China and Russia consider color revolutions to be a US and European method of fomenting regime change in hostile nations.

More recently, the Ukraine Maidan movement and Arab Spring could be considered color revolutions, as could the “Make America Great Again” movement in the United States. These operations are exceedingly intricate, requiring financial support, social conditioning, training and coordinated online and media information campaigns to successfully pull off.

Color revolutions are never entirely organic. They may benefit from pre-existing political strife, but at their core they are operations requiring extensive planning and meticulous execution.

II. Historic British Involvement With Color Revolutions And Protest Infiltration

Britain has a history of involvement no only with color revolutions but with systematic infiltration of protest movements by their law enforcement and intelligence services. In the current day, Britain is commonly perceived as a post-colonial power without significant influence when compared to rising stars such as China. As former NSC staff member Richard Levine has previously explained, Britain maintains some of the power and control it enjoyed during the British Empire through its influence over members of the Commonwealth of Nations (albeit in a reduced capacity). Security magazine European Geostrategy ranked the UK as a “Global Power” second only to the United States in terms of its international reach. As Britain no longer overtly rules any of the nations in the Commonwealth, this influence must be maintained in part by infiltration and shadow networks.

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