Caitlin Johnstone: Who I Am, Where I Stand, And What I’m Trying To Do Here

Caitlin Johnstone: Who I Am, Where I Stand, And What I’m Trying To Do Here by Caitlin Johnstone – Medium

Every so often I like to write an article describing exactly what I’m about in the interests of transparency, and for the benefit of any new followers who aren’t quite sure what they’re looking at here. It’s a good exercise for me because it allows me to clarify for myself exactly why I got into this gig and what specifically I’m trying to get out of it, and it lays all my intentions on the table so readers can decide if I’m their cup of tea or not.

Brief bio: I am Australian, lived in Melbourne nearly all of my life, two kids, twice married and once divorced. I got a journalism degree in 2003 but figured out long before completing the course that the media deck is stacked so far against truth that I wouldn’t be able to do the kind of work I wanted to do, so I did some environmental activism while paying the bills with corporate work. I had a bunch of transformative personal experiences during that time period, then in 2016 I got a job at a self-publishing news outlet where I quickly gained an audience for my opinion articles about the Bernie Sanders movement (which arose from a commentary void I’d noticed needed filling while I was participating in Bernie Facebook groups). In 2017 I got a Patreon account and became a fully crowd-funded writer who is answerable to no one, a privileged position I exploit to its fullest in saying things I think need to be said regardless of the taboos against saying them.

And it’s been a weird, awkward, surprising, deeply satisfying, profoundly educational, and sometimes downright terrifying ride. I went very quickly from a lady posting the occasional bit of social commentary for a few hundred Facebook friends to a prolific political blogger read by many thousands daily who everyone seems to have a pretty strong opinion about, and I had to learn how to do the job on the fly while in full public view. The sudden influx of public attention has been really intense and scary at times, but with the help of a few healing practices and a very supportive husband I’ve managed to keep cranking out material and learning every day. A few months ago I slipped into a groove where I really feel like I have a lucid general understanding of the forces at play within this world, and I believe my work has increased in quality since that time.

The material I publish all arises from an ongoing conversation I’m continually engaged in with my soulmate Tim Foley, who I married in 2016. We both care deeply about the plight of humanity, and we spend every day sharing insights and information with each other about what’s going on in the world. I’ve seen a lot of weird conspiracy theories (mostly involving rubles) about how I suddenly burst onto the scene as a widely-read commentator seemingly out of nowhere, but the simple explanation is that I met someone whose love and cherishing has supercharged me and given me the self-confidence I needed to stand tall and shine bright in a world full of critics and misogyny. We’re joined at the hip, and a big part of the reason I’ve been able to maintain a consistent level of day-to-day quality is because my work is the product of two minds, not one.

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