A Modern-Day Paul Revere Not Warning of Noah’s Flood at a Wedding

A Modern-Day Paul Revere Not Warning of Noah’s Flood at a Wedding By Doug “Uncola” Lynn via TheBurningPlatform.com

They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.

– Luke 17:27

Over the last three months I’ve attended three weddings.  Whatever getting married in a barn signifies or portends, it’s trending, because that was the case for two out of my last three invitations.  Although one of the earlier ceremonies was held in an actual barn, the wedding and reception facilities where I attended this last Saturday appeared to have been specifically remade for human mammals because the venue was beyond elegant.

Being the very first betrothal I can recall ever attending in the month of December, it was no surprise the weather was bad given this time of year.  Fortunately, however, all of the important people were there.  Again, it wasn’t the storm that mattered that evening, but rather, more importantly, who showed-up for the feast. The accommodations were first class, and with all of the beautiful people in attendance, I commented to another guest it was like being in a movie or, at the very least, at a television awards ceremony.

The next morning one of my offspring texted me the following:

Was impressed last night by all the people who came up to you just to chat or for your advice and your handling of what could have been an awkward situation

The awkward situation had to do with the groom’s biological father feeling slighted because he was assigned to sit at my family’s table during the reception meal, instead of the front of the room near his ex-wife.  Of course, he was appointed to sit by me because I’m a peacemaker and blessed are the piecemakers (pun intended).  Anyway, I told him to sit down, shut up, and have a good time.

In response to my progeny’s text, however, I wrote back:

Last night was, once again, that typical combination of beauty, elegance, and awkwardness. But once you realize that life is essentially a continuation of high school, it becomes easier to lower your expectations and have a good time

The funniest moments of the night occurred when an estranged older uncle announced to his fiftyish-aged niece that “she was looking more and more like her mother every day” and when the groom’s father sat down beside me at the reception (after I said “sit down and shut up”).  He squinted back at me and said: “Don’t ask me any questions.”



All in all, it was great night and one I’ll look back to with fondness in the hard days ahead; especially the rye-bread, prime-rib, and horse-radish, as we will no doubt begin our Marxism diets soon.

Is that how it will be?  Will we be rolling along, working, going on vacations, attending weddings and, all of a sudden, the world changes in a moment? In the twinkling of an eye?

Or, will it be gradual like death by a thousand cuts?

Maybe a little of both.

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