Socialism Always Ends in Destruction

Socialism Always Ends in Destruction BY VIRGINIA FIDLER – Gold Telegraph

TDC Note – Throughout history socialism has destroyed economies and nations, I mean been attempted, more than 100 times – it has failed every time.


Every attempt at socialism has failed miserably. Venezuela is only the latest country that has tried to implement a socialist paradise, only to inevitably crumble and crash before our eyes. Socialism, and its natural progression, communism, has caused the deaths of 100 million people since its inception 100 years ago.

Just a few decades ago, Venezuela had massive oil reserves and an abundance of other resources. It enjoyed wealth and an excellent standard of living. Today, Venezuelans have no food, no medicine, and the country is driven by corruption and fear. While a starving population is in despair, many are desperately trying to flee paradise. The army, supported by President Madero, is in the street, ready to brutalize any dissenters. Madero and the military are not starving.

Socialism can only survive through corruption and intimidation. It’s a system tailor-made for corruption. And corruption may be Venezuela’s largest industry.

Despite that fact that every socialist paradise on earth has turned into hell, many American politicians, and their supporters are calling for socialism for America. Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris are self-declared proud socialist, loudly singing its praises. Younger newcomers such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Andrew Gillum are joining the chorus.

With all the evidence to the contrary, why are so many Americans supporting the socialism their grandparents valiant fought against?

The very theory of socialism being a classless society is a sham. By necessity, socialism puts enormous despotic powers in the hands of only a few select people. It is clear why some politicians yearn to be among the chosen. However, it fails to explain why they are receiving a tremendous amount of support.

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