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Meanwhile In Macron’s France… by Rory – The Daily Coin

Well, well, well. It seems people don’t really like this idea of “taxes to save the planet”. You know, “carbon taxes” are going to make the planet all better!

When “global warming” fell flat on it’s face, the name morphed into “climate change”. At this point most people with a brain have figured out the whole “global warming / climate change” thing is a scam and sham. With “President” Macron rolling out the first serious attempt at carbon taxes the world can now see how the world feels about “taxes to save the planet”. The world can now see this scam for what it is – a scam. Carbon taxes are about control, not saving the planet.

Don’t take my word for it look at the ongoing response in France. Unless these draconian taxes are rolled back it is only going to get worse. If I remember correctly the guillotine was used in France when some idiot thought he knew what was best for the people and the people reminded him who was actually in charge. Hopefully, we won’t see that happen again.

Why is there a sniper hanging out in the area of the Arch de Triumph?

French President Emmanuel Macron will hold an emergency meeting of senior ministers on Sunday following the worst unrest Paris has seen in decades on Saturday.

Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux told France’s Europe 1 radio that a state of emergency may be imposed to prevent “serious outbursts of violence” after thousands of masked “Yellow Vest” protesters fought with police, and set fires to cars, houses and banks in the worst disturbances France’s capital has seen since 1968, when Macron’s wife was fifteen – the same age the French president was when they met.

Griveaux had indicated the Macron administration was considering imposing a state of emergency. The president was open to dialogue, he said, but would not reverse policy reforms. Source

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