Capacity vs Size for Concealed Carry

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Capacity vs Size for Concealed Carry by Jesse Mathewson – Concealed Carry Today

Of the many things to consider when choosing a firearm, this is easily the most important. The choice itself should be based on what your needs are based on location, environment as well as physical and mental ability. Because you are reading this article the assumption is you want to carry for defense of self. So let us look at the various decisions and some evidence that will support your decisions in this area.

I do want to make it clear that I have preferences, and I live in a hot climate. I believe you can and should carry as much ammunition as you can when you can. And when you cannot, carry what you can and know how to use it well!

Location, where you live is very important to what you carry. For instance, my area of residence is on the Southern border of the United States, we have regular cartel, gang, and dog pack activity. I have personally deterred bums, gangs, and dog packs and firmly suggest avoiding any interaction with drugs as this is basically the only way you will ever interact with cartels.

I was 11 or 12 the first time a feral dog pack showed up where we lived. They killed many of our chickens and attempted to attack our donkeys and the kids in the area. We hunted and killed a few dogs, maybe a dozen or so before the rest disappeared.

I learned a very valuable lesson that year, never be underarmed or unarmed. Now, according to reported official data dog packs are actually a very small concern. I would, of course, remind you that country folk, rarely report things at the same frequency, or for remotely similar reasons as those in urban settings may do.

As for gangs, bums and similar malcontents the idea is to simply not interact, in most situations, they will simply disappear into the rear-view with all the trash. What this means with regards to capacity and size playing a factor is, more is better when you live where threats exist and no real backup is available. Does this mean less is okay for urban areas where backup may be mere minutes away?

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