Is There Any Aspect of Socialism that is Actually Good?

Is There Any Aspect of Socialism that is Actually Good? by Rory – The Daily Coin

The short answer, of course, is no. Nothing about socialism is good, positive or helpful to humanity – nothing.

The driving force to behind the young people in western “developed” societies screaming for socialism and condemning capitalism is they don’t understand our current system is not capitalistic – it is very close to socialistic. Many would argue, including myself, it is fascism plain and simple. When the banking cabal saved itself, with our labor – we’ll call it tax dollars – this set in motion a giant sucking sound of fascism.

These criminal banks, that made bad investment decisions held the federal government, with the help of former cabinet level appointees, held the federal government (that’s you and me) hostage and threatened to explode the economy if they didn’t get their way. Their criminal friends in Washington DC capitulated and handed over $16-23 TRILLION tax dollars to these worthless criminals.

Now everyone is broke, desperate and looking for a scapegoat. The young people have been taught that it’s “capitalism” that has ruined their lives. It is in fact, fascism, instituted by George Bush – both of them, Obama and the Clintons. Trump is attempting, not a very good attempt, to overturn some of the damage.

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