The Fed Warns The ‘Drop In Asset Prices Might Be Particularly Large’

The Fed Warns The ‘Drop In Asset Prices Might Be Particularly Large’ by Jesse Felder – The Felder Report

The stock market today is celebrating the rapid reversal in the Fed’s hawkish attitude under the tenure of Jay Powell.

Surely there are some measures that suggest the extent of the current monetary tightening campaign has already surpassed that of those of the recent past.

But if the Fed is now backing off because monetary tightening has already exerted its typical effect on the credit cycle this is certainly not bullish for risk assets.

In this vein, the Fed made another announcement today in releasing its first ever Financial Stability Report. The following passage caught my eye.

Working backwards through this excerpt let’s first look at this corporate “sector where leverage is already high.” In fact, it’s higher than at any point over the past couple of decades.

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