Survival Skill Sets for After The Collapse

Survival Skill Sets for After The Collapse by Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

TDC Note – What skills do you have? What skills will you “sell” to a group if something goes wrong and we find ourselves in dire straits? What value do these skills hold in the real world not this fantasy we find ourselves. Plumbing, welding, gardening, engineering, actual drafting skills – the list below paints a good picture but leaves a lot to be desired. Make your own list.


Survival skill sets will be crucial after society collapses into a heap of social chaos.

Whether or not it actually will is not the thrust of this article. Lets just say that it will descend or fragment into varying degrees of collapse.

SHTF Collapse Hypotheticals:

– Our modern conveniences and technologies break down
– Financial systems break down, collapse
– Many or most aren’t showing up for work
– Manufacturing has slowed to a crawl or even stopped
– Supply chains of distribution have been severely disrupted
– Shortages of everything
– Skirmishes, violent reactions
– Majority running low on food
– Period of Die-off as critical thresholds are crossed

As the collapse phase transitions from chaos to survival to rebuild, there will be unique sets of sought after skills.

These survival skill sets may fall under categories which include:

– Health
– Food
– Water
– Shelter
– Energy
– Security
– Infrastructure

There will be specific needs demanding specific skills. Some may be more in demand than others. A few years ago I had put out a poll which asked MSB readers for their opinion.

I recently looked at that resulting list again and have captured some of the more popular skill sets for your information:


Listed in order of popularity

1. Medical & Healthcare, Doctors
2. Agricultural, Farming
3. Water infrastructure, Wells, Pumps, Sanitation
4. Food Preservation
5. Dentistry
6. Carpentry, Handyman

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