Did The Pilgrims Really Come To America To Worship As They Pleased?

Did The Pilgrims Really Come To America To Worship As They Pleased? by: Bill Heid – Off the Grid News

“The conscious or unconscious relationship to God in

a man’s heart determines both man’s cultus and his culture.”

—Henry Van Til

What’s a Pilgrim?



The Pilgrim Fathers, like Thanksgiving itself, are quickly slipping down the collective memory hole of American materialism and self-indulgence. We no longer care that such a people lived, nor do we have any real conception of why they came to North America. Those who know something of the Pilgrims may speak vaguely of liberty or religious freedom. Many adult and children’s books say the Pilgrims came here “to worship God the way they pleased.” But this is a very big error — and a very serious one.

True Worship

The Second Commandment forbids us to recreate God after our imagination (Ex. 20:4-6). So that means … it also forbids us to imagine what might be pleasing to God. God represents Himself truly in His written Word. This written revelation tells us clearly and accurately how we ought to think about God and how we ought to worship Him. Real faith lies in submission to God’s Word … in worshipping and living in obedience to what God has said. All other sorts of worship are what Scripture calls “self-made religion” (Col. 2:23) and “the way of Cain” (Jude 11; cf. Gen. 4).

Now, the Pilgrims understood all of this. They had no desire to worship God as they pleased or as any other man … pope, prelate or king … pleased. They wanted to worship God according to His own self-revelation in Scripture. Their hearts were captive to the Word of God. They searched and studied the Bible to see what God had actually said about the matter, and they rejected all that seemed to them to be merely human tradition.

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