Did Syria Use Its S-300 To Defeat Israel’s Missile Attack? Maybe – Here’s How

Did Syria Use Its S-300 To Defeat Israel’s Missile Attack? Maybe – Here’s How from en.Muraselon

On late Thursday night, Israel – without warning or provocation – launched missiles into Syria. According to Syrian military sources, the attack was entirely defeated by Buk-M systems and not Syria’s much newer (and greatly publicized) S-300 systems. However, there are now signs emerging that certain parts of the advanced S-300 system may have been used to repel the attack.

Specifically, hints dropped by sources speaking to Muraselon have said that whilst no S-300 missiles were fired to intercept the Israeli projectiles, S-300 early warning and primary fire control radar units may have been used in detecting, tracking and guiding interception fire.

The Israeli missiles, which were ground-launched instead of air-launched, were in fact detected several minutes earlier than has been the case historically due to presence of advanced Syrian early warning radars atop Tal al-Hara (near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights) which allows for detection and tracking of very small air objects as far away as eastern Israel.

To clarify, the interception missiles fired by Syrian air defense were from the Buk-M system; the use of expensive S-300 missiles to down an artillery launched projectile is wasteful in terms of cost and is also simply unnecessary.

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