This story from RT was sent by Mr. B., and Mr. K.H. (who echoed almost exactly my own high octane speculations about the article). It’s one of those things that just leaves one somewhere in between shock, awe, and dismay, that the hubris of scientismists knows almost no bounds, especially when it comes to “solutions” for “climate change”, or “global warming”, or whatever the politically correct term for month is. But beyond my personal reaction to the story, there is something that shot my Suspicion Meter right into the red zone for some daily high octane speculation.

Scientismists, according to the article, are at least now openly talking about spraying particulates into the atmosphere to “dim the sun” and avert the dreaded environmental catastrophe. Of course, for most of the regular readership of this and other  alternative research websites, the spraying has been known about, observed, and commented upon for years. But we’ll get back to that. Here’s RT’s version of the story:


Before I get into what sent my (and Mr. K.H.’s) Suspicion Meter into the red zone, I  cannot help but make an initial observation about the irony of the story. Ever since chemtrails and spraying became a topic of discussion within the alternative media, being first advanced on the late Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM radio talk show, the idea was met by the lamestream media as just another wacky kooky conspiracy theory. So I have to wonder, when scientismists advance the idea, does that make them wacky and kooky? Or does the idea suddenly become “acceptable” because scientismists have advanced it?

One has to wonder, too, why now? Is this a way merely of covering an activity that has been going on for some time with an acceptable narrative, one which might not be the case at all? After all, if one believes the alternative researchers who have been covering the story for some time, spraying heavy particulate metals into the atmosphere might indeed be a way of dimming the sun and helping to control climate change (or, conversely, making it much worse), but it could also be a  way to increase the electrical conductivity of the atmosphere for far more nefarious purposes.

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Dr. Joseph P. Farrell

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