Kamala Harris May Be Booted Off of Judiciary (Video)

Kamala Harris May Be Booted Off of Judiciary Video – Bill Still

Report begins at 0:29 mark

Yesterday’s big win in the Mississippi U.S. Senate race was good news for the new Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, but bad news for Democrat 2020 Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris.

The new Republican Senate will now increase its majority to 53 to 47 – and that could make a huge difference for Harris. Why? Because she will now most likely lose her limelight seat on the Senate Judiciary Committee which will play a huge and high-profile role over the next two years, including a possible third Trump Supreme Court pick.

The problem for Harris, who was elected with President Trump’s governmental class, is that she is the junior senator on the Judiciary Committee and with the increased Republican majority in the Senate, the seat once occupied by Harris will now go to a Republican.

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