Crucial Tips For Surviving A Forest Fire

Crucial Tips For Surviving A Forest Fire by: Off The Grid News

The tragic forest fires that have struck California are one more reminder of how dangerous the forces of nature can be. That something which started out so small could wreck such massive devastation, totally leveling one town, is hard for the mind to grasp. But the reality of surviving a forest fire is much worse than hearing of it from a distance.

Wildfires can strike anywhere. The Chicago fire of 1871 burned for three days, destroying four square miles of the city, including the business district. According to legend, that fire was started by a cow kicking over a lantern. Even so, it caused over $200 million in damages in 1871 dollars. That’s roughly $4.1 billion in today’s dollars. This is still a small amount compared to the damage caused by the Camp Fire in California. Nonetheless, the Chicago fire was so famous that it’s still talked about today.

The Destructive Power Of A Forest Fire

As with many disasters, fire pits man against nature with nature holding all the cards. As we can see in the case of this fire, or in the case of any hurricane, the sheer size of natural disasters makes it extremely difficult for mankind to battle, even when using our largest machines.

Fighting these fires is a task best left to the professionals who have the training and equipment to do so. The best that any of us can hope to accomplish is simply surviving a forest fire. Even that can be a rather tricky proposition, as many in California have already discovered.

There are three basic ways that a fire can kill us:

  • Burn us
  • Asphyxiate us
  • Through smoke inhalation

Fortunately, few people are actually burnt to death, which would be a horrible way to go. Most die of smoke inhalation, although some are asphyxiated by the lack of oxygen as the fire consumes all of the oxygen available. Old wisdom tells us to get down near the floor, or in this case, the ground, so that you can breathe. This advice is very important here, as taking such a simple measure can save your life. However, it has to be used in conjunction with other important measures.

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