Russian Gold Equals 17% of World Reserves

Russian Gold Equals 17% of World Reserves by Rory – The Daily Coin

If you have our work for any length of time you are well aware of the Russian gold hoarding story. We have been following this unfolding story for close to 8 years. Russia continually climbs the global ladder of gold reserves on hand.

Over the past two years Russia has slightly increased the overall acquisitions of physical gold and is the only country in the world that has invited the media into their vault to actually document the gold, along with their massive volume of physical silver, that holds in their reserves.

Our friend and colleague, Louis Cammarosano, smaulgld, has consistently reported on Russia’s increasing gold hoard. Louis’ work is some of the most detailed to be found on the official amount gold being held.

The question we have consistently ask is –  why is Russia accumulating all this gold and where is all this new gold coming from? Some of the numbers just don’t add up, especially, if you figure China into the mix.

Now we learn that Russia’s gold acquisitions have moved them into the 6th position in the world and she has acquired 17% of the worlds reserves of gold. A few years ago no one would have guessed that Russia would have this volume of their reserves in physical gold – and let’s not forget Russia has a massive amount of unreported, but visible, silver

The top row of each of the visible pallets is at least one layer of massive silver bars.
We believe it is two bars high and we also believe them to be the equivalent of
1,000 ounce bars, which is a global standard.

While Russia is making all the right moves, Russia is not an island. While the nation is making great strides to become more self sufficient it will several more years before she will be able to turn her back on the world. Russia is already energy independent, which is huge, and is now focused on becoming the largest producer of organic, NonGMO foods. Once this production is up to par then Russia will be able to dictate certain situations to the world, like the price of food that is exported from her farms.

Here’s a thought. What if Russia said you could only purchase their organic, NonGMO produce and meats with gold? Wouldn’t that send a message around the world?! Russia would probably need some “freedom bombs” dropped on them if that happened.

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