“You’re Suppose To Be Running From Danger….”

“You’re Suppose To Be Running From Danger….” by Rory – The Daily Coin

Once again the voice of reason emerges and shows the world the hypocrisy of corporate media. We are told, over and over and over, ad nauseam, the “caravan” is filled with women and children who are escaping danger. Well, riddle me this…why do I only see men, and an occasional woman and a child here and there? Why are these men carrying the flag of another nation if they are seeking “asylum” from gang violence and oppression? One last thing, now that they have arrived why are they storming the border and then throwing rocks at the people attempting to keep them out of our country? I thought they were nice, well mannered and respectful people simply seeking to live off the fat of the land, I mean, escape oppression and gang violence?

And there is this image that is making it’s round on corporate media the past 12-15 hours. You can’t hardly turn on a TV station without seeing this image. The first question is why only one image? Where are the mass of women and children? Why is corporate media passing this one image around like a joint a rock music festival?

The whole “caravan” (invasion) is a set up and the wheels have come completely off the narrative. Corporate media continues to sink further into the mire of their own making. Operation Mockingbird, while most people don’t know about it or understand it, it is fully exposed at this point.

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