Jim Acosta, CNN and the White House Press


Jim Acosta, CNN and the White House Press by Rory – The Daily Coin

Jim Acosta should retain possession of his White House press pass and be allowed to attend every press meeting that is open. He should be 100% ignored and never be allowed to ask a question and if he makes a fuss or acts unprofessional have him removed from the room. Allow him to be in the room and report on what other reporters are asking but always be placed in the back of the room and ignored.

Here is a prime example of what CNN calls a reporter. Here is a prime example of how corporate, Operation Mockingbird media attempts to manipulate what Americans think and how events are portrayed – lying liars telling lies to convince the unenlightened, uneducated these lies are truth.

Let’s not forget what Mika Brzezinski, MSNBC, told America on live TV “…control exactly what people think….that is our job.”

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