Complete Guide to Concealed Carry While Backpacking

Complete Guide to Concealed Carry While Backpacking by MD Creekmore – Concealed Carry Today

Those of us who carry a handgun while hiking in the backwoods quickly realize that carrying a handgun while also carrying a backpack presents its own set of challenges. Sure you could put the handgun in the pack with the rest of your hiking gear, but then it wouldn’t be easily accessible should you need it on the trail.

Carrying a handgun in your backpack while hiking is kind of like carrying a handgun in the trunk of your car when driving. If a bear or human attacker is threatening your safety, what are you going to do… ask them to halt their attack while you remove your pack and sort through the contents until you can find your handgun so you can defend yourself…

That’s not going to work! If you’re going to carry a handgun while backpacking then it must be easily accessible and able to be drawn and brought into action quickly.

Don’t make the mistake of throwing a handgun in your pack and then thinking you’re protected. You’re not, really all you’ve done by doing that is added extra weight on your back while giving yourself a false sense of security.

Those of you reading this who have never actually hiked are probably asking yourselves why not just strap the handgun on your side, a shoulder holster or use an IWB type holster to carry while backpacking and those might seem feasible at first, however, as soon as you strap on a pack you realize that everywhere you want to carry a handgun there is a strap from the pack that’s crossing directly over that position.

Fortunately, there are several solutions to the carrying a handgun while backpacking and we will get into those in detail below, but first, you need to ask yourself do you really need to carry a gun while hiking? Some people don’t and you need to be honest with yourself about this before strapping on a handgun.

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